Stu Harris is an international vision caster and creative thought leader in the technology and entertainment industries. He has over 25 years experience building successful, results-driven businesses and teams in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

He has had the privilege of leading teams for some of the world's most innovative companies enabling technological and marketing innovation, and creative vision. He has the unusual and highly sought after combination of gifts including good business acumen, technology and creative mind. Want to chat? Get in touch.

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Stu Harris


Tel. +61 (0)402 891 642


Understand and articulate clear business goals and develop a game-plan to help create compelling and innovative solutions on-time and on-budget.


Demonstrable skills in leading highly functional creative teams in story development and production of documentary, film & photography projects.


Creating technology-enabled business solutions and building scalable revenue-generating communities that utilise Web, Apps and On-Demand Streaming services.

Screen Media

Hands on experience working in multiple creative roles, with a breadth of understanding of the creative process. In-development and screen credits for roles including, Director, Producer, Writer and Executive Producer for short and long-form film & television. See IMDB profile, click here.

How we work together…

Scoping & Planning

Success starts with a thorough process of defining the problem, designing the brief and resources including budget required.

Solutions Design

During the ideation phase a number of solutions will be researched. A thorough and rigorous assessment will be performed to identify gaps. The framework of the solutions will be made available for consideration before moving forward.


An alternative approach to the solution implementation phase could be in the presentation of a number of Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to test viability in the hope of a more successful outcome.

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