Exploring Photography

Do you enjoy taking photographs but wish that you could improve?

Have you been thinking about buying a digital SLR camera but not sure which one to choose?

Would you like to learn how to use your camera more thoroughly?

The Exploring Photography workshop is designed for photo enthusiasts that want to get more out of their camera and learn how to take better photographs. The workshop is split into two parts, a brief 2 hour classroom session on Friday evening, followed by a full day shooting on Saturday.

  • Part 1 (Friday evening) of the Exploring Photography workshop will help guide you (gently) through the mechanics of a camera so that you’ll understand it better.
  • Part 2 (Saturday) of the Exploring Photography is all practical. You’ll be up early for “Magic Hour” to shoot the sunrise, then off to shoot a narrative story, and then finally as a group we will all critique each others work.

What you will learn

Learn to compose your shots, understand exposure and how to shoot what you may not have considered.

Who should join the workshop?

This workshop has been designed for anyone that wants to get more out of their photography. You may have just purchased an SLR camera (digital or film), or you could have had one for years but never got it off the fully automatic function. The Exploring Photography 1 will take you through some basic steps that will get you thinking more about what you shoot and how you shoot it.

Why choose this workshop?

The classes are kept to a maximum of 8 people. This is to ensure that you get one on one time with the photographer. We like to keep the classes small and intimate since we feel everyone gets more out of the day that way.

People that have attended the Exploring Photography workshop have been thoroughly satisfied with what they experienced and learnt. The passion that we have for photography is infectious and your photography will benefit from the time that you spend on this workshops.

How much is it and what do I do next?

The workshop is $350 per per person. It includes light refreshments during the class sessions, breakfast on Saturday and on-the-job lunch on the Saturday.

What should I bring?

Your digital or film SLR camera (with cards/film), lenses, a steady tripod and cable release.

What others have said about Exploring Photography

“Stu Harris is a fantastic photographer and an expert instructor.  I learnt more in 2 days on a course with him than I ever expected and highly recommend his expertise and knowledge to any would be photographer keen to learn more about techniques, your camera, styles, lighting and the inner workings of your camera.  To get the best photos, I have used Stu’s tips and advice time and time again and have had fantastic results!  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a professional – you will not regret it!” Vanessa Archibold

“Wow, did I really take that photo!” Paul Robertson

Dates and locations

Sydney – Friday 10 and Saturday 11 February 2012

A PDF of information about the past course is available to download here.

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Managing your photography

This course starts with the basics how to manage your photographic collection on a PC or Mac, including how to back-up. You will also learn about what photographic software is available to help you manage your photography better. Thew course will conclude with an example “best-practice” for managing your digital photography using Aperture on a Mac.

Dates and locations

Sydney – Thursday 9 February 2012, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


$195 per person


What should I bring?

Something to take notes. Cameras and computers will not be required for this course.


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Stuart Harris is a certified trainer of both Final Cut and Aperture. Call 0402 891642 to make an appointment.

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