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You don’t need a photographer!

This is not meant to be one of those headlines designed to grab your attention and then fail to deliver. I’m a photographer, so why am I telling you that you don’t need me? Business suicide, or have I just […]

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Daily Photo

Here are just 2 ideas to help get you out and shooting more. 1. Shoot a daily photo. Something, anything, inside your own backyard. For example, check out Aquabumps. Ok, perhaps an extreme example, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Aquabumps […]

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Photographing People

Photographing people has got to be one of the most challenging tasks. Without doubt there is always some aspect that challenges us, whether it is an issue of ethics, should I photograph them first and ask permission after? Composition, what […]

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Back to business

I’ve returned home to Tasmania and back into full swing in the studio working through the photographs that I took during my 2 weeks with Ken Duncan. We had an excellent drive back stopping off in Lake Eyre and the […]

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