The enemy of success is…

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Are you listening? Or better still, are you asking and listening? When you stop asking and listening carefully, you start to lose your value.

Helping you develop your story and determine the right platform to ensure it is seen by the right people. This is what I do. But, how I achieve this is not on assumed or past knowledge.

The enemy of success is assumed knowledge. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had people share their ideas without any evidence that their ideas have been thoroughly tested. Recently, I was sharing this with a colleague and we laughed at the thought of this happening in any other industry. My assumption is that my health practitioners know what they’re doing, but imagine the horror if I discovered my regular dentist had retired and the new one was fresh on the job with no training or prior experience. It’s important we test our assumptions. In the case of the creative disciplines, we can have all the qualifications but our knowledge should be tested. Trends, attitudes and tastes change. Where we discover information is changing all the time, and it’s increasingly important to question the quality of our sources. The enemy of success is assumed knowledge. I need to ask questions to test my assumptions too.

Below you will find the latest Screen Media Questionnaire which I invite you to take. The potential benefits are enormous. Thank you.

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