Bitmoji TV – Starring me!

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No funding or crew was required. I didn’t even leave my seat. Just a few quick updates to my emoji including a wardrobe change and adjustment to match my facial hair and that was that. I’m starring in “America’s Best Bitmoji” the premiere episode of Bitmoji TV, and you can too!

While this episodic series may not qualify for an Emmy Award later this year, the makers of Bitmoji are already winners having earned $100 million when acquired by Snapchat in 2016.

Bitmoji CEO Ba Blackstock shared with the online magazine, Variety “So much of what we’re trying to do is use new technology and features to change the way we tell stories.” This is not Snapchat’s first play with episodic TV. In 2018, 130 million Snapchatters watched Bitmoji Stories. It seems non-traditional forms of TV will increase during 2020.

I have so many questions, and I’d love to open this up to discussion. What other genres of content other than comedy and reality have you discovered on Snapchat? and What stories could you develop to engage the 210 million active daily Snapchatters?

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