Love in Action : HEAL Africa – In February 2011 Stuart travelled together with Jim Collins to DR Congo to research and photograph for their second book. The book is available now here.






Manado, Indonesia - In June 2006 Stuart travelled to Manado in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia on a field expedition to visit a large community of refugees that had been internally displaced through conflict. That brief 7 day adventure challenged Stuart to the point of change causing him to return in 2008 to document the story of these people and produce a photographic book, Love in Action.

Bangkok Railway

Bangkok is amongst the most diverse cities in the world. The wealth brush shoulders with the struggling. Only minutes from the capitals central business district live some of the poorest of Bangkok’s residents – the railway people.


The Elvis Festival, Parkes

In January, the town of Parkes in central New South Wales, Australia holds its annual Elvis Festival.


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