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She rules the roost

Our youngest of three is a strong-willed child. Destined for leadership or possibly dictatorship.

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Dad in his hat

My father has come to spend the summer with us, and today I got to take this photograph of him in his new hat.

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Just for fun

Having fun shooting portraits with my brother on the Fuji X100F. Shaun brought out his Pentax 6×7, but of course we’ll have to wait until those images have been processed before we get to see them.

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Lazy summer days

  Ahhh. Lazy days in the sun, floating in an inflatable ring and falling asleep. It’s how I imagine weightlessness to be.

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Moved to Queensland

We’ve moved to Queensland to pursue a new opportunity with CVC Network Ltd, and as a result closed STORYco, the business name of Stu Harris’photography. Learn more about CVC here.

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