Today is my last day working as International English Manager for CV Asia Pacific.
My greatest achievement during my the past 3 1/2 years with CV was building a team. The number of people and our strategy changed, but as I look back one thing I’ll miss the most is the strong sense of team. I recall when I first joined, there was a lack of unity among the members of the team. Today you will find a focussed unified team who carry a sense of purpose.

Some other achievements during my time at CV were:

  • Executive Producer for more than 30 short films in different genres including documentaries, personal stories and dramatic narratives.
  • Chief architect for the content strategy.
  • Budget panning and forecasting $800k annual budget.
  • Country Manager for yesHEis Australia – a team of 12 staff including Interstate contractors.

At the end of 2015 the team and I at CV started to develop a new strategy for 2016. You and I will have to keep checking back to learn of the future success of the team, but the essence of their new strategy is to build a brand that will be recognised as the best online resource for sourcing content that it will encourage, equip and inform Christians to share their faith helping them to overcome their fear of rejection and their lack of knowledge and experience in evangelism. The strength of this inbound marketing strategy is in the content that is aggregated, curated and the original content that is developed to resource people. It is anticipated that 6-12 months from now the team we start to become a voice of influence and this in turn will result in an increase of sharing of the gospel. Visit the website for exciting content from the yesHEis Australia team.

So now it is time for something new. Starting 1 February 2016 I will be the new General Manager for the Australian Christian Channel (ACCTV). I’m excited to be part of this exciting broadcaster and see what God will have us do in the months and years ahead. It is good to be outworking His calling for His purposes. Stay tuned (pun intended) for future fun, adventures and a new team.