Our church encourages its members to be intentional in loving our local neighbours, to recognise People Matter and to put this into practice.

I was reading in Scripture this morning about when Jesus encouraged his followers to “receive the kingdom of God like a little child” (Mark 10:15). Jesus encouraged the children to come close to him and touch him. What struck me, in the context of being intentional and practicing embodiment, was that God came to us in the person of his son Jesus. God was intentional in the way he demonstrated his love for us. He was present in space and time.

“Place spirituality… helps us recognise that we live in a territory that is full of history, meaning, heartache, and joy. Jesus was incarnate in a concrete time and place in history; he was not an abstract, cultureless being in some kind of spiritual space. And today the Spirit is leading the church back into the neighbourhood, into concrete territories to recognise what God is doing there.” (Introducing the Missional Church, A. Roxburgh & M. Scott Boren)

Be encouraged today to show how People Matter, and make time to be with them. This could be in the small details, like when you’re in the local grocery store and you intentionally engage in conversation with the checkout staff. Or, it could be that you drive across town to catch up with a friend for a coffee.

Recognise the importance of place and the practice of embodiment as you go today.