When I used to fly regularly with Apple, I often flew business class with my preferred airline. As I racked up frequent flyer points and my status increased I noticed an increased level of attention that I would often get from the airline staff. I would always get my preferred seat – upfront (or upstairs) and aisle for a fast get away. I was often greeted by the senior cabin staff during the flight, and frequently received complementary upgrades – even to First. Sounds impressive, right?

In recent years I’ve flown less often, and slowly the status credits have bumped me further off the list of perks. First to go was my lounge membership, then the greetings and more recently my preferred seating guarantee.

Last year, travelling to London I made a brief stop at Singapore, then back onboard to discover that I had been relocated to a middle seat. At first I couldn’t help feeling self righteous and “don’t they know who I am”! I composed myself as I waited for my companion to join me, secretly hoping he wouldn’t turn up leaving the aisle seat free. Then I started to think, and then pray… well God, you know me and how entitled I think I should be. There must be more to this. Would you help me make the most of this opportunity, to serve you and bring glory to you.

Minutes later a man in his mid-thirties came and sat in that aisle seat next to me. He introduced himself, and I immediately got over myself and we spent the next couple of hours during the inflight hospitality sharing small talk. He then asked me the question. What do you do for a living? I though, boy oh boy, have you picked the wrong seat buddy. So I respectfully and gently shared with him how I worked with a Christian ministry, and how we help people share their faith in Jesus online. Expecting him to bolt from his seat, he looked interested, and asked what that meant. He asked question after question sharing how he had never met a Christian before and wasn’t even sure what it meant to call yourself a Christian – what you were meant to do!

It’s the one prayer, that time after time God answers. Lord, will you give me an opportunity today to speak to someone about your goodness?

I’m still work in progress. I haven’t gone out of my way to request a middle seat, but I have become quite content with life down the back of the plane.