This is not meant to be one of those headlines designed to grab your attention and then fail to deliver.

I’m a photographer, so why am I telling you that you don’t need me? Business suicide, or have I just gone insane? I don’t believe so.

You don’t need a photographer. You do need a story teller.

Like many photographers I trade using my personal name. My business name is Stu Harris Photography. However the name says nothing about the type or genre of photography that I shoot, nor does it say anything about what else I can do other than use a camera. But I’m not just a camera for hire that comes with someone who knows how (and when) to push the button.

My professional background is in marketing. I have spent 15 years in the creative industry, 13 of which were spent working for Apple in a senior Product Marketing position. You can read my LinkedIn profile for the details.

The niche that my photography business operates in is strong-narrative, informative, insightful, educational, documentary story-telling for corporates, non-profits, individuals and families – with the focus being people. I spend time with my clients learning about their passions and behind their brand. We will sit together and write a brief together and then using the appropriate tools (stills, audio, video, graphics, etc) capture the story, the focus being the people, the idea, and the passion within.

It won’t be a surprise to you then, to learn that when I call local businesses, and I introduce myself as being from Stu Harris Photography, the response I often hear is, “we don’t need a photographer”. They’re probably right. They don’t need a wedding photographer or anyone to photograph their portrait today. What they need is someone to help them promote their business, and help them find new clients. I do. We all do. My business can help your business grow.

The marketplace is more social than ever before. Businesses have Facebook Pages, and customers expect to see evidence that companies are acting responsibly. You have an interesting story to tell about your business. People (new customers) love to learn more about who they’re (potentially) going to do business with. This is as true for the large business enterprise, as it is for the small artisan producer. Have you noticed that there is a swing back to buying local? Convenience wins, but customers also want some human connection. People want to buy from people. Online can still be personal. Airbnb are one example of online made personal. Our human nature thrives on personal interactions. I love going to my local post office. I’m always greeted by friendly staff and they always remember my name. Look around. The big businesses are doing it too. People are back in the local bank. People are in the supermarket to greet you and hand you a shopping basket. Isn’t it time you put people back into your business?

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