When you strip back a business to its core, to the very essence of its existence, of what inspired it into being – you discover passion. An idea that motivated its founder to do something, to start something new.

Business personality is what compels people to buy. We are relational beings.

Big brands like Coca Cola love to communicate messages that convey aspirational lifestyles. Banks like the Commonwealth Bank are repositioning themselves by creating a bright, friendly, comfortable and relaxing environment in the local branch.

People love to buy from small businesses like local food and wine producers, and they’re prepared to pay a premium for the products, but they want to share in the story. Customers long to learn the why and how, and feel connected to the personality behind the brand.

Stu Harris Photography is passionate about telling your story. Whether you are a business owner or a part of a large corporation with big ideas, we’re all about people. Helping to get to the core of what makes you, you is what we do. Capturing beautiful images to share, promote and inspire.

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