As I sit here in the headquarters (!) of Stu Harris Photography, in beautiful Tasmania, I’m reminded that I did not get up this morning and shoot the sunrise, nor am I out right now with my camera. Why is it that so often we feel we need to be on holiday, or in a new place to appreciate our surroundings to get inspired to shoot? I’ve got some suggestions for what to shoot that will come up in tomorrows photo-tip, but for today perhaps you and I should go for a walk around the block and with fresh eyes look for something interesting to capture.

If you live in Sydney then you really have no excuse for allowing your camera to gather so much dust as it sits on the shelf in your wardrobe! Think about the beautiful new and old architecture, the interesting people getting on and off Sydney ferries. The folks commuting to work. The beautiful landscape along the Northern Beaches. The surfers. The many forested parks. There has been quite a bit of rain lately, what about the waterfalls in those parks or the dams, have they filled up? People running up and down the esplanade in the morning to keep fit. There is so much to photograph.

If you’re still struggling then you really must come on my photographic workshop this weekend. We will be shooting the sunrise over beautiful Sydney Harbour, going for a photo walk through the city and then shooting the wildlife and nature in the Botanical Gardens. Register today, and we look forward to seeing you.