Here are just 2 ideas to help get you out and shooting more.

1. Shoot a daily photo. Something, anything, inside your own backyard.

For example, check out Aquabumps. Ok, perhaps an extreme example, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Aquabumps was set up by Eugene Tan, he sets out to shoot a daily photo of life at Bondi Beach and post it the daily photo to Facebook where, as of this morning, 11,835 other fans like their page. That’s one way of a) getting out and shooting and b) sharing your passion for photography.

2. Shoot a personal project. Something that is really personal to you. It might be an ongoing project or something you travel to shoot.

Two examples. I’ve been shooting photos of cool looking doors and windows now for more than a decade! Whenever I see another cool one, snap, I shoot it. A bit of fun, and I use whatever camera I have with me at the time.

Or, how about Love in Action. My recent photo documentary book. It started out as a personal project and has been one of the catalysts for leaving my 15 year career and shooting full time again.

Last plug before the workshop starts tomorrow. Come along to the Exploring Photography Workshop in Sydney. It’s just 2 hours on Friday night, and all day shooting on Saturday. You’ll have a great time.

Go for it. Get out and shoot something today.