I’ve hear too many people get too stuck into what equipment they’ve got or what they’d like to buy. Sure, I’ve probably been guilty of camera envy too, but when it really comes down to it I have to agree with Chase Jarvis. “The best camera is the one you’ve got with you”, and sometimes that’s your phone!

I’ve delivered a tonne of talks at schools and universities around Australia about technology and more recently about the use of technology with regards to stills and moving pictures. Just when I think I’ve struck a chord with my audience I’m suddenly hit with the reality that these guys are a lot younger than me and the digital age, as young as it is, is moving at such a pace that many of the people listening to me have probably never shot film before. Better still, I’m soon reminded that the brilliance of youth is that sometimes their lack of experience free’s them up to try out new things, break the rules, experiment, shoot and deliver some of the most creative ideas.

Let’s not get stuck in a hole and lust over the next coolest gadget, instead get out and shoot. The camera in your phone for example maybe the only camera you have with you when you’re out and you see something amazing, something worth sharing. I’ve recently started to post my favourite iPhone photo’s to my Flickr post. For other inspirational ideas check out Chase Jarvis and his great iPhone App, Best Camera.