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Thank you Apple

Following 11 wonderful years in what is probably the most exciting company in the world and one of the hottest jobs going, I’ve decided to move on and leave Apple.

Why? I’m leaving at a major high point in my career and at a time when Apple has never been more exciting. It was such a privilege to work for Apple. I started in May 1999 with Apple UK and then moved to Australia to manage the software business in 2002. In the later part of my Apple career I managed the Mac Product Marketing business. During my 11 years at Apple Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Mac OS X, iMac and MacBook Pro were just some of the products that I was responsible for launching locally. So getting back to the question, why? It’s time for the next challenge.

Stu Harris Photography is focussed on 3 services:

  • Telling stories worth sharing – shooting documentary photographic e.g. Love in Action
  • Photographic workshops – want to improve or learn a new technique?
  • Consulting – leveraging my tech-knowledge

Stu Harris Photography operates Australia-wide and will consider projects beyond. The studio is located in beautiful Tasmania just outside of Hobart, and photography workshops are held in Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney.

Thank you Apple for the fun times and here’s to the next adventure.

One thought on “Thank you Apple”
  1. mark murphy 13 May 2010 on 00:07

    Stumbled across your site. Leaving Apple is a brave move, I still look back often and wonder ‘what if’. Thankfully Mr D Cockle grounds me quickly. Anyway there is a great life out there beyond Apple and I think you’ve made a great move – photography is a great gift and your books show that you put it to great good.

    We moved back from Australia to the UK, my wife will become a British citizen next week. that leaves us free to move to the USA or China in the next few months, ironically.

    Sydney still holds a special place for me, and I hope one day that we can return (if the Aussie dollar ever weakens again).

    We’re over every year with our two very young children now – so Freshwater beach beckons!

    Good luck !

    Mark Murphy

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