Love in Action was produced and published last year by Stu Harris Photography and has now become an historic record of the community partnership between Manly (Australia) and Manado (Indonesia).

On Sunday 25 April Jim Goddard, founder of Manly-Manado Inc. announced the cessation of the formal incorporated body of the movement, and called for Manly to “go global” with what we have learnt and seek the needs of others.

Love in Action is both an historical account of the relationship that will continue between the residents of Manly and Manado, and a demonstration of the mutual transformation that can result from one community meeting the needs of another community. Few copies of Love in Action remain. It can be purchased online via Compassion and in person at Humphreys in Manly, on the Corso. Profits from the sale of the book go to supporting people living in Manado.